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The importance of wine tourism in any wine bar

The winemaking in our lands dates back to the Thracians. A thousand-year history that ranks Bulgaria among the oldest wine-producing countries. Every year Bulgarian wines win medals from international competitions, which arouses the interest of wine lovers from all over the world to our country as a wine destination.

Wine Enthusiast included Thracian lowland in the ranking of Top 10 best wine destinations for 2017. named Bulgaria 13th in the Best Wine Destinations to Visit 2019.

Villa Melnik  in the Melnik region is among the top 50 wine destinations in the world for 2020 at the World Best Vineyards

There are about 300 wine cellars in Bulgaria, but only a small part of them offer wine tourism. Wine tours are as different as the tourists are, so for the wine tour the selection of wineries should be made according to the expectations and nationality of the group, of course with a professional approach to both tourism partners and the tourists themselves.

Bulgarian wine lovers are eager to meet different wines, different people, but organized wine tours for local connoisseurs are not offered as much as want. Some of the Bulgarian tourists do not even suspect what an experience a visit to a wine cellar brings. Abroad, tour operators that offer wine tourism around the world are countless, but only a small part of them include Bulgaria as a destination. We need to develop this market because the profile of the wine tourist is impressive!

How we can contribute to your success:
  • We will help you choose the best wineries in a region, in terms of wine quality and wine tour service. Communication with the cellars on each of your tours is also an option;
  • We will send you systematic information about all wineries, so you don’t waste time looking for photos, tasting packages and reception conditions;
  • We can offer qualified wine guides to accompany tourists;
  • We will help you analyze all the actions and results of the wine tourism you are developing.
  • We can connect you with exporters of Bulgarian wine in the country where the tourists are from.
  • We will help you choose different wine experiences in different cellars to make the service more complex.
  • If you offer wine tours for Bulgarians, we will publish your suggestions on our website. We will distribute your offers among wine lovers in social networks and groups;

And this is just the beginning ….

…more services
Development of wine tourism into the winery
We are going to help you create or upgrade your wine tourism services in the wine cellar.
Corporate wine events and tastings
With our help you are going to attract more wine lovers and tourists in order to become more recognizable in your region.
Wine guides network
Our network of wine guides around the country assists wineries in welcoming groups of tourists.
Wine regions development
Our network of wine guides around the country assists wineries in welcoming groups of tourists.
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