Wine regions development
Bulgaria is a small country, but only in our view!!

Bulgaria is a small country but only in our view! Actually, Bulgaria is the Balcans’ 3d largest country, Europe’s 14th largest country out of 49 other and world’s 104th largest country among 216 other.

All of us believe that we should be united, work together and make our wine regions popular as wine travel destinations if we want to succeed in the world’s wine travel map. Unfortunately, rarely anyone takes that responsibility to do the actual organization and to combine the powers of wineries and tour agencies.

Of course, there are few great examples like Plovdiv Wine map, in the organization of which we took an active part, Melnik Wine map and the new union in the Northeast Bulgaria!

We have experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to make bulgarian wine regions a preferable wine travel destination.

We can help you in many ways:
  • We will organize joint meetings with all wine cellars in the wine region.
  • We will analyze the wine tourism potential of the region.
  • We will make an action plan with concrete measures.
  • We will work together to make those measures effective.
  • We will use all of our contacts to make the wine region popular among travel agencies.
  • We will combine all regional wine cellars together in common/joint social media platforms and manage them as one, we will participate in touristic exhibitions as a wine regions..

And this is just the beginning!

…More services
Development of wine tourism into the winery
We are going to help you create or upgrade your wine tourism services in the wine cellar.
Wine tourism in the wine bar
With our help you are going to attract more wine lovers and tourists in order to become more recognizable in your region.
Corporate wine events and tastings
With our help you are going to attract more wine lovers and tourists in order to become more recognizable in your region.
Wine guides network
Our network of wine guides around the country assists wineries in welcoming groups of tourists.
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