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The Balkans International Wine Festival - Again at the Heart of Sofia

Belgrade hosts The Balkans International Wine Competition on New Dates

Due to the dynamic epidemiological situation a change in the dates of the ninth edition of The Balkan International Wine Competition was made. It will be held between September 9th and 11th in Belgrade, and the traditional open-air festival will bring together Sofia residents and guests of Bulgaria’s capital between September 17th and 19th in the space in front of the National Palace of Culture. Thus, the visitors will have the opportunity to celebrate Sofia’s official holiday with a special toast.

Балкански международен винен фестивал

The new dates of the Festival will allow the trophies by categories and grand trophies for the best wine in the Balkans and the best winery in the region to be announced just before the open-air event – on September 16. This will happen at a luxurious gala dinner in Sofia

The competition’s tasting of the best wines in the Balkans, as well as the special master classes, led by proven professionals in the wine industry, and the announcement of the Best of Show awards given to outstanding wineries in each country – stay in Belgrade.

The ninth edition of The Balkans International Wine Competition marks an unprecedented interest from winemakers who have expressed a desire to show the best of their products. The new wineries registered for the competition are a clear indicator of the prestigious BIWCF platform, recognized as a leader in the wine industry.

Балкански международен винен фестивал

“The Balkans Wine Competition and Festival is not just a competition and show, but a cause that unites everyone related to wine – producers, traders, critics and enthusiasts. It is extremely important for us that it is not just a professional event, but an occasion and a reason for the European public to get to know and try new and new wines from our region. Although challenging, 2020 is the year in which BIWCF will be even more glamorous and successful than originally planned – thanks to our partners”, says Galya Niforou, director of BIWCF.


The wine town, which in 2019 won the hearts of all wine lovers, will once again rise in the open air in front of the National Palace of Culture especially for Sofia’s holiday – September 17 – and will greet visitors until September 19. Thus, people will be able to celebrate the holiday and send off the summer with a special long wine weekend and unique experiences with music, art and of course – the best wines in the Balkans and in Europe.

Special focus this year will be put on the national pavilions, where wineries from different Balkan countries will present their wines to the public. The wines medalists from the Competition will also be able to be tasted by the visitors while enjoying live jazz from Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and other Balkan destinations. A place for rest and relaxation will allow the guests of the Festival to enjoy the most interesting of the street cuisine, to share with friends several unforgettable evenings and to taste the best quality wine from all over the Balkan Peninsula.

The Balkans International Wine Competition And Festival 2020 is taking place with the support of Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SAVEZ – Association of the Serbian Wine Producers, SERSA – Organization of the Serbian Sommeliers, as well as with the media partnership of БНР, our main partner in Serbia – Vino & Fino magazine, Oinohoos magazine, Manager magazine, Moto Pfohe Rent a Car,, Мама Нинджа,,, списание Твоят бизнес, b2b,,,, Agro TV, Стандарт, Аз чета, Жената днес,,, Bulgaria Wine Тours, Арт Идея Бг, Fresh Cuts of Life, предаването “Винена одисея” on  Balgare TV,,, Autentika, Turističke priče, Vinopedia, In your pocket, Visitskopje, Sofiaadventures,, Exotic Wine Travel,,

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